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Introducing the Dr Yusof Cosmetic Range

After being in the cosmetic industry for over a year, the one thing we kept getting asked by clients were “How do we help our skin recover?” Well, the obvious answer was always to have a good skin-care routine, and apply products that will benefit the healing, and also provide hydration to your skin. Unfortunately after going through all the big brand names, none of our clients were 100% happy with the results. We decided to do some of our own research and took a big leap by creating our own range that clients can purchase form the clinic, to help restore the natural ingredients into their skin after cosmetic surgery.

We knew what type of product we wanted:

Australian Made: Sourced from our pristine Australian homeland - each unique ingredient offers natural, healing properties for various skin types.

Vegan: All ingredients are natural and strictly not tested on animals, so you can be sure the Dr Yusof range is ethically sourced and contains no Parabens.

Natural: We pride ourselves on how we have managed to provide such an amazing product range by only using NATURAL, Australian ingredients. No added chemicals are used, so you can apply knowing nothing in the range is going to damage your skin.

The entire Dr Yusof Range

Not only did we know we wanted to help the skin recover after cosmetic surgery, but we wanted to expand our range so that any skin type could benefit from Dr Yusof Cosmetics. Our high quality, evidence based skin-care range also helps with reducing aging, decreasing fine lines, brightening complexion, evening out skin tone and enhancing moisture.

After months of testing various products, we decided on the best 6 we knew our clients would love having. A Natural Peel, Exfoliating mask, Essential Moisturiser, Elixir of youth serum, Vitamin C serum & Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Once launched, we weren’t sure how fast it would take the community to test, try & review our range but it was an immediate reaction! Just have a look at these reviews:

“I’ve been using Dr Yusof’s Essential Moisturiser and Vitamin C Serum for a little over a month now. To say I am satisfied is an understatement. My skin feels amazing, the rich yet non greasy formula leaves my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. It’s oil free, lightweight and absorbed in no time. Would highly recommend these products and can't wait to try the rest of the range.”

“I’ve been using the vitamin C serum, essential moisturiser and vitamin e. All these products of high quality and have been a life saver as the cold weather has starting coming in and my skins started drying out! Recommend this to everyone!”

“Absolutely love and recommend the Vit C serum~ I have acne prone skin and this product has helped with lightening of my old acne scars. The texture is quite light and non-sticky (so big plus point for me). Thank you so much and cant wait to try out the exfoliating mask that i just got today!”

So no matter your skin-type, make sure you treat it with natural ingredients that will feed your skin rather than hurt it. For more information on our skin-care range feel free to contact us on Facebook Dr yusof - gp - cosmetic surgery or contact us at

Dr Yusof & Nurse Carl.